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How do worming tablets for cats work?

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The real science behind the war against worms

It’s easy to forget to worm your cat. While pet parasites such as fleas and ticks are a more obvious problem, it’s much more difficult, or sometimes even impossible to spot signs of intestinal worms. Luckily effective worming tablets such as Drontal do all the hard work for you – but how do they work?

The parasite problem
Intestinal worms are extremely unpleasant. There are two types that affect our UK cats - roundworms and tapeworms. Both live inside your cat, breeding, thriving and stealing your cat’s nutrients.

Worms can cause health problems including vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, and in younger kittens failure to grow and poor coat condition. Often though, your cat won’t show any obvious outward signs of their unwanted passengers. Some worms can cause disease in people too, so regularly worming our pets is important not just to protect them, but to reduce the risk to ourselves and our families too.

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The tablet that fights back
To combat intestinal worms in your cat, use a trusted, proven cat-worming tablet such as Drontal. It might be small, but the tablet effectively fights the most common species of intestinal worms – working to rid your cat of infection. Available in two different strengths, Drontal can be given to kittens from six weeks old. But how does it work?

The science of success
Both Drontal Cat and Drontal Cat XL contain the same two active ingredients (at different strengths for different weights of cat): praziquantel and pyrantel, which work to paralyse and kill both round and tapeworms. They then result in the breakdown of the worms, which then pass out in your cat’s faeces, usually unseen, though sometimes if your cat has a lot of worms, you might see whole worms passed.

Keeping it up
Drontal effectively kills intestinal worms in cats, but unfortunately cats can continue to pick them up throughout their lives, so the recommendation is to keep up with regular worming treatments at least four times a year.1

Regularly using an effective cat worming tablet such as Drontal will combat worms in your cat and help keep her healthy and happy.

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