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How Do Spot-on Worm Treatments Work?

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There are a number of ways you can treat your cat for worms, but effective topical spot-on treatments are an affordable and easy-to-apply solution for the issue.
Spot-on treatments are applied directly to the skin, eliminating the need to administer a tablet to your cat.

Spot-on treatments are applied directly to the skin, eliminating the need to administer a tablet to your cat.

What are the Benefits of a Spot-on Cat Wormer?

Topical spot-on treatments are usually an easier way of worming your cat, since it doesn’t involve getting your cat to eat a tablet – which can be difficult, depending on your cat’s temperament.

Dronspot Spot-on wormer is available without a prescription, in Pets at Home, online, in some pharmacy outlets and in vets. This means you can now pick up a spot-on worming treatment without the stress of taking your cat into a vet practice.

How Do Spot-on Worm Treatments Work?

All spot-ons are slightly different, but in the case of a spot-on cat wormer, the spot-on solution is applied to the back of your cat’s neck, and from there the active ingredients are absorbed through the skin, into your cat’s bloodstream, where they target worms. 

Spot-on treatments like Dronspot contain active ingredients that work to paralyse and kill both round and tapeworms. Many of the worms will be broken down and then pass out in your cat’s faeces, usually unseen. Though sometimes, if your cat has a lot of worms, you might see whole worms passed.

Dronspot comes in three different pipette sizes, and the correct one to use depends on the weight of your cat.

Where do I Apply Spot-on Treatments?

Make sure you apply the spot-on solution directly to the skin, not just your cat’s coat. Do this by parting the fur at the base of your cat’s skull and applying the treatment directly to the skin.

How Often Should I Use Spot-on Treatments?

Topical spot-on treatments are a great way to treat your cat for existing intestinal worms, but, unfortunately, cats can continue to pick up intestinal worms throughout their lives, so keep up with regular worming treatments at least four times a year.

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