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Pet insurance for your pet WITH Tracer Advance Microchips
For anyone choosing a new dog, it’s important to take into account the size, energy levels and physical / emotional needs of the breed, and whether…

Helpful Resources for New Pet Owners | My Pet and I

What new pet owners need to know. So you're getting a new pet? Our expert team has provided insights into the responsibilities of pet ownership. Together, we can help you make all those important pet-parent decisions.

Helpful Resources for First-Time Cat Owners | My Pet and I

Are you a first-time cat owner? Our team of vets have crafted expert guidelines to provide you all the information new cat owners should know about getting a cat for the first time.

Helpful Resources for First-Time Dog Owners | My Pet and I

You’re a first-time dog owner – and we couldn’t be more excited for you. Fetch some of our professional tips for owning a new dog.